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'Cotton Candy' Girl Steals the Show at Mariners Game



    'Cotton Candy' Girl Steals the Show at Mariners Game
    Beatrix Hart's face captured at the Mariners game on Sept. 7 (Credit: @Mariners)

    Not every little girl can say their wild-eyed reaction to tasting cotton candy for the first time was broadcast live across the country from a baseball game, instantly propelling her into Internet stardom. 

    But Beatrix Hart of Chatham, New Jersey, can now lay claim to being a viral sensation in her young 3-year-old life. 

    Beatrix was with her parents at a Seattle Mariners game Wednesday night when the cameras captured her joyous blue-mouthed bugout. 

    "We're going to need more cotton candy," the Mariners wrote in a tweet accompanying a GIF of Beatrix's priceless reaction. 

    In truth, her father Jake says, Beatrix regularly hams it up at baseball games. 

    "She loves to play around and be silly," he told NBC 4 New York. "She was in the middle of eating the cotton candy when she acted like that."

    And that priceless reaction was captured at just the right moment.

    Jake says Adam Lind had just hit grand slam and "everyone in the crowd was whipped up and she was whipped up."

    "The camera was coming by and getting everyone cheering, and they just happened to catch her at the perfect moment," he said.

    Jake, an actor who appears on NBC's "Shades of Blue," and his wife Virginia are both recreational softball players and longtime Mets fans from their years living in Astoria, Queens. Naturally, Beatrix was born a Mets devotee -- but that clearly didn't stop her from enjoying the Mariners side of winning on the west coast. 

    The family is in Seattle for Jake's high school reunion, and he says Beatrix already has fans out there, which she's very much relishing.  

    "We're trying to let her have as much fun as she can," he said. 

    Beatrix Hart at her first Mets game in 2014
    Photo credit: Jake Hart