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NJ Police Department ‘Arrests’ Runaway Dog, Takes 'Pug'shot



    Pug Life: Jersey Shore Police Put Dog Behind Bars

    A pug was held by police in Cape May after he was found wandering through backyards. Police and neighbors weren't sure of who his owners were, but he is now reunited with his family. (Published Monday, July 16, 2018)

    You can take the pug out of the the streets, but you can’t take the streets out of the pug.

    Sunday afternoon, the Cape May Police Department took to Facebook after finding a pug wandering through yards along New Jersey Avenue.

    Police first announced finding the dog by posting a “pugmug” on the department's official facebook page and giving a phone number for people to contact if they knew the owner.

    Shortly after, the pug was photographed in a jail cell with an update that mentioned the owner had been identified and the runaway pooch would be “released on bail.”

    Still no word on charges or the bail amount. The owner will likely be be keeping this pug on a tight leash from now on.