Barack Obama Confronts Hecklers in Connecticut

(NECN) - President Barack Obama was in Bridgeport, Connecticut today to rally a crowd of supporters to the polls on Election Day. He was in the city to encourage many inner-city voters to vote for Democrats on November 2nd.

But the President was interrupted toward the beginning of his speech by a group of people heckling him about global Aids funding. Soon enough, people in the crowd began chanting back, saying "Obama! Obama!"

"Alright everybody, come on," the President told the crowd. "This is one of the great things about Democrats, we always like to be heard."

He then went into full campaign mode, touting his policies that his administration has helped enact over the last two years. However, he did acknowledge that the change has been coming slowly.

"Our hope was when we came in in the midst of crisis that we could get all parties to get together to focus on these challenge," he said.

Obama said the country has seen nine consecutive months of job growth, and that the 2008 election was "wasn't about electing a President, it was about building a movement to change the country for the better."

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