Police: Discovery Gunman Wearing ‘metallic Canister Devices'

(NECN: Silver Springs, Maryland) - A gunman with what authorities describe as "concerns" with the Discovery Channel networks has taken at least one person hostage in the company's headquarters in Silver Springs, Maryland.

Police say an Asian, gun-yielding man was wearing what appeared to be "metallic canister devices" when he entered the building shortly after 1:00 p.m.

The man told everyone to "stay still" and he remains on the first floor area of the building.

This is an ongoing hostage situation. There are approximately just under 1,900 employees that work in the building. Police believe that most of them are out.

Negotiations with the gunman are currently underway.

The gunman's identity is not confirmed at this time.

UPDATE 5:07PM: Police say the gunman has been shot, and three hostages escaped safely. The condition of the suspect is unknown.

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