A Stroke At 36: Fitness Instructor Talks Heart Health for Women

Jessica Diaz's story is a wakeup call for all women.

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In 2013, fitness instructor Jessica Diaz experienced a mild stroke.

Thankfully, Diaz survived and healed from the illness but says she was shocked to have a stroke not only because she was only 36 when it happened, but because she thought she was the picture of health.

She shares that, "At that time in my life... my entire vision of health was the number on the scale." She says that that's what she thought of as being healthy, whether or not that was true.

Now, an advocate for the American Heart & Stroke Association, she says she focuses on the importance of nurturing and learning about long-term health and how to plan for that.

One of the biggest suggestions Diaz has for women when it comes to monitoring their health is, "Knowing your body and if something doesn't feel right, paying attention."

Since then, Diaz has made many wellness and lifestyle changes including making some simple dietary changes.

Watch above for Jessica's segment on The Hub Today to see more on her story and her homemade salad dressing recipe.

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