A Super Bowl Bet Between Bangors

The Super Bowl has inspired a bet between two Bangors.

When Mayor Ben Sprague of Bangor, Maine, saw his Patriots would be facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles, he remembered learning about another Bangor: one in eastern Pennsylvania. He decided to give Brooke Kerzner, the mayor of Bangor Borough, a call.

"I thought it would be a fun way to have a friendly bet between the two cities," said Sprague.

They decided to make a wager: the Bangor associated with the losing team has to send the other community a package full of local goods.

If the Patriots lose, Sprague will send Kerzner assorted whoopie pies from Governor's Restaurant, a blueberry pie from Dysart's, a case of Moxie soda, and books by Stephen King to be donated to the Bangor Public Library in Pennsylvania.

If the Eagles lose, Kerzner will send beer from Bangor Trust Brew Works, candy from Chocolates on Broadway, coffee from Baby Harry's Coffee Roaster, and a set of quoit boards to be donated to a veterans' home.

"I have never heard of a quoit board – I have no idea what it is," said Sprague.

As Kerzner explained, it's a game similar to horse shoes – but made out of Pennsylvania slate.

She said the bet has been an opportunity to tout her small town, but the best part would be winning bragging rights.

"People are so excited – we are sick of the Patriots winning the Super Bowl," she said.

Kerzner predicts the Eagles will beat the Patriots 34-21.

Sprague doesn’t seem fazed.

"The Patriot way is to kind of downplay the chances of victory and prop up the opponent, so I'll say the Eagles are a great team," he said. "If you get to the Super Bowl once every 15 years like the Eagles do, you get really excited about it."

The Bangor bet may have inspired the mayors of Portland, Maine, and Portland, Pennsylvania. Earlier this week, Maine's Ethan Strimling had a phone call with his counterpart in Pennsylvania. He was challenged to shave his head if the Patriots lose.

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