A Washington Woman With Tuberculosis Refuses Treatment, so Authorities Got Court Orders

When a person with active tuberculosis does not accept medication, public health officials can take legal action as a last resort.

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The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department in Washington has obtained multiple court orders requiring a Tacoma resident to get treatment for her active tuberculosis, officials told NBC News on Friday.

The woman has thus far refused to isolate or take the necessary medications, according to Nigel Turner, the department's division director of Communicable Disease Control.

"The court order is in place ordering isolation and quarantine," Turner said. "We’re working with her on assessing the compliance with that."

A judge issued the latest order on Jan. 20, granting the department the authority to test, treat and detain the woman, starting next week.

The department announced Monday that it was monitoring the case and said at the time that it was working with the woman’s family to persuade her to accept treatment.

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