AAA Northeast, Connecticut Strike Deal to Keep Serving Non-Members


AAA Northeast and the State of Connecticut have struck a deal to continue serving non-members after the company announced that it would terminate services to residents who were not registered members. 

The company, which operates stores in New Haven and Fairfield counties, stopped serving non-members a few weeks ago because doing so took up too much time and too many resources. 

On Thursday, the governor's office announced that an agreement was made between the state and AAA Northeast. 

"We appreciate AAA Northeast’s willingness to join us at the table and discuss how to continue to serve the best interest of Connecticut drivers. As a result of our recent discussion, AAA Northeast has committed to continuing to service to divers until the end of its current contract. The continuation of this working partnership between AAA and the DMV will benefit both AAA members and non-members alike. I look forward to our ongoing, future conversations regarding a longer-term arrangement," Gov. Dannel Malloy said in a statement.

At the beginning of October, Connecticut DMV commissioner said AAA Northeast -who announced that it will no longer offer driver licensing services for non-members- was violating its contract with the state.

According to a new release from the governor’s office, AAA Northeast has offered licensing services to all Connecticut residents since 2001, regardless of membership. 

Commissioner Michael Bzdyra said the contract, which was executed in 2011, states that AAA Northeast "may terminate this agreement upon 60 days written notice to the DMV contract representative."

In a letter written to AAA Northeast, Bzdyra said the company failed to provide 60 days' notice prior to terminating these services.

"This will serve as formal notification that you are in default of the contract and must take corrective action immediately," Bzdyra wrote in the letter. 

The DMV was requiring AAA Northeast to offer services to members and non-members before submitting a written termination notification 60 days before the effective date. 

Failure to take actions by Oct. 14 would have resulted in legal action as a result of AAA Northeast's breach of contract, the commissioner said. 

AAA Allied, which services Hartford, Middlesex, New London, Tolland and Windham counties, will continue to service all residents.

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