Alaska Airlines CEO Admits His Airline Lost His Luggage

Not even airline executives are safe from having a bad flight.

Last week, Alaska Airlines president and CEO, Brad Tilden, got on stage at an airline gathering in Washington, D.C., and according to a report in the LA Times, told the audience that his checked bag had been misplaced during the flight and was delivered to him a day late.

It's happened before, too. The airline executive said the last time his airline misplaced his bag was 25 years ago.

Alaska Airlines is one of the airlines that prides itself on its modern day baggage delivery rate.

Since 2010 the Alaska-based carrier has offered passengers a baggage guarantee that hat awards passengers a $25 discount code or 2,500 Mileage Plan bonus miles if a checked bags doesn't arrive on the baggage claim carousel within 20 minutes of the plane's arrival at the gate.

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