Allison Feaster Reminisces About the Phone Call That Led to Her Joining the Celtics

Feaster reminisces about phone call that led to her joining the C's originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Allison Feaster didn't think that she would end up working in the NBA. But that's just what the former WNBA star and Harvard alumnus has done.

After her playing career came to an end, Feaster enrolled in the NBA's Basketball Operations Associate Program and eventually worked in the NBA G League. But when the Boston Celtics came calling, she moved up a rank and got to work for one of the most storied franchises in the league.

"I can remember the day and the time. I was sitting at my bar at home in Holly Springs, North Carolina," Feaster said of the day she got the call. "I saw the number come through and I'm thinking, I don't recognize this as Kathy, my college coach's, number. I assumed it might've been somebody else from the network, so I took it."

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It turns out that the call was from none other than Celtics general manager Danny Ainge. He wanted to talk to Feaster about an opening that the team was set to interview for: Director of player development.

The idea appealed to her, and her fit with the organization became even more obvious as she talked more with Ainge about what the role would entail.

"Danny and I had a very open and honest conversation about how we wanted to shape the role," Feaster said. 

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And what was the most important thing that Ainge and Feaster agreed upon? Feaster needed to have a "global view" of the organization.

"We really discussed giving me a global view of the organization, being able to liaise not only with the players, [but] with the coaching staff, other front office people, and also the business office," Feaster said. "It was really important for me to understand not just how to help these guys on and off the court, but really how to shape and grow an organization from the inside out."

That has worked out just fine so far. Feaster has played a critical role within the organization, and most importantly, she has built a trust with the player. That has helped her to help players adjust to the league and improve 

I genuinely have come to love these guys and am the No. 1 champion for them. They know my door is always open. They know I care and am here to help them be the best they can be.

Allison Feaster

Feaster said that she relishes the opportunity to be a role model and a leader. And so far, she is having a big-time impact on the Celtics organization.

For more on Feaster's basketball journey, check out the video above or click here to watch it in full.

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