Almost Famous: How to Become a Star in Boston

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Boston is proud of homegrown talent like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, the Wahlbergs, and so many others. Now, A-listers from Hollywood are coming to town for The Fan Expo Boston, August 12th through 14th at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Maria Sansone and Anna Rossi sat down with Angela Perry, the founder of Boston Casting, and Robin Dawson, the executive director of the Boston Film Festival to chat about the expo and how to position yourself to become a star yourself.

“Years ago, we used to have maybe two films a year, now we have, like, 30. Boston is an excellent place to be an actor these days and you can get a huge role,” Perry says, and adds, “It's not just years ago where you would have the one or two lines… We're booking people that are in huge scenes with the lead.” 

Among the celebrity headliners, Ewan McGregor, Elijah Wood, and the actor who voiced C3PO, Anthony Daniels.

For more on how to know if you have the 'it factor', check out the video above.

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