Amazon Parrot Abandoned in NH

NH Parrot 051418

Officials are looking for a woman who left an Amazon parrot in a trash bag at the Stratham office of the New Hampshire SPCA.

A staff member found the bird inside a soft carrier that was left in a white plastic bag Friday morning. It is believed to be a male blue fronted Amazon parrot.

Surveillance footage showed that a blonde woman in a dark-colored sedan dropped off the bird shortly after 9 a.m. Friday.

"We were deeply saddened this beautiful bird was discarded in such an uncaring manner," Lisa Dennison, executive director of the NHSPCA, said in a statement. "It is against NH law to abandon an animal like this. However, the NHSPCA is not seeking prosecution. We want to encourage the woman that brought the bird here to contact us so that we can provide better care."

The agency added that it is a misdemeanor to abandon animals in New Hampshire.

A veterinarian examined the parrot, since named Mayday by staff, and found that he was not in immediate distress. Dennison expressed gratitude that he did not suffocate. However, the NHSPCA does not believe Mayday has eaten since arriving. He will undergo further evaluation.

Anyone with information is asked to call 603-772-2921 Ext. 111.

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