Analysis: Hacked Memo Reinforces Worst Perception of Clintons

A 2011 memo from Douglas Band, a longtime aide to Bill Clinton, makes the case that his "multiple roles had served the interests of the Clinton family and its charity" and "detailed a circle of enrichment," the Washington Post reported.

The memo, which is part of the WikiLeaks dump of hacked emails, makes clear how inseparable the Clinton Foundation was to business interests, according to NBC's First Read team.

It reinforces the worst perceptions of the Clintons, but it's possible that the memo is already "baked into the cake of this presidential race," according to First Read.

While the Clinton campaign has refused to acknowledge the authenticity of the previous WikiLeaks emails, this one was confirmed by Teneo, the company that Band co-founded.

That puts pressure on Clinton and her campaign to address it, according to First Read.

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