Angry Bull Saloon to Permanently Close After CCSU Student Fell to Her Death

The Angry Bull Saloon in Hartford will close its doors for good after voluntarily canceling its liquor permit following an investigation into the untimely death of a CCSU student who fell from the building's roof earlier this month, according to the state Department of Consumer Protection.

Police said 18-year-old Taylor Lavoie, of East Granby fell to her death from the building’s roof after visiting the bar on March 3.

The bar first voluntarily surrendered its license for suspension on March 3 so DCP and the Hartford police could conduct an investigation into the business’s security measures and policies.

On Monday the Hartford police chief sent a letter informing the establishment they would be required to have a paid police detail every day its opening to ensure public safety, costing the business $584 dollars per officer per night.

On Wednesday DCP announced that the bar decided to surrender its license and close. The DCP investigation into the bar is now closed.

Records indicate the Angry Bull Saloon has been in operation for a little more than three years. They also indicate the business had recently come up on the Hartford Police Department's radar screen for underage drinking.

The Angry Bull Saloon moved into space formerly occupied by a business called The Pour House, according to documents obtained by the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters. It also appears, according to documents on file with the Hartford Planning and Zoning Department, that some of the same principals involved with The Pour House also had roles with the Angry Bull Saloon.

The bar does not appear to have had any complaints on file against it with the state Liquor Control Division until recently. The Hartford Police Department alerted the division about potential underage drinking issues three times - last November, then again this January, and a third time in March.

Liquor Control and the Hartford police were in the midst of planning a "sweep" at the bar, aimed at catching underage drinking, according to the state. The situation evolved into a full investigation by both agencies after Hartford police said Lavoie was a patron of the bar before she fell four stories from the roof of the building to her death. Police are looking into whether or not alcohol was a factor in her death and await further information from the Chief Medical Examiner.

Authorities said Lavoie accessed the roof of the building through the bar.

The State Liquor Commission became involved in the investigation because Lavoie was underage.

The investigation into Lavoie’s death is ongoing.

“The Hartford Police Department Major Crimes Division is continuing its investigation into the tragic death of Taylor Lavoie. The investigation remains open. We have many, many entertainment venues in our city that serve alcohol,” said Deputy Chief Brian J. Foley in a press release. “Working with the DCP, we will continue to scrutinize these venues to ensure they operate in accordance with state law and take appropriate action as necessary.”

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