Bright Brisk Sunday

This morning in Boston the temperature cooled to 9° which is only the second time all winter the city cooled below 10°. So yes, this is one of the coldest air masses of the entire season. But now it is releasing its grip, slowly.

Wind today is still gusting past 30 mph especially in eastern New England. But at least the temperature is getting back up to near 32° in southern New England, still in the 20s north. The sky is beautiful and sunny today.

The sky remains clear tonight with a pretty waxing 'worm' moon, temperatures falling to near 0° north, and the teens south.

High-pressure comes right overhead tomorrow with continued mostly sunny skies and much less wind, high temperature close to 40°.

A warm front goes by tomorrow night with a lot of clouds but remaining dry with the low temperature near freezing.

Strong low-pressure passes through Ontario on Tuesday bringing in clouds and a few late day showers, a warmer breeze with high temperature in the low 50s.

Rain showers may change to snow showers in the mountains, before ending early on Wednesday. Wednesday we see increasing sunshine with a high temperature again in the lower 50s.

Colder air comes in Wednesday night with fair sky, leading us to a bright and more seasonable Thursday with high temperatures in the lower 40s.

Low-pressure comes in to New England on Friday with a chance of coastal rain and inland snow. Rain may change to snow at the shore before ending late in the day.

The outlook for next weekend is quite challenging, as very cold they air builds in southern Canada and warmer air tries to come up from the south. We may end up with periods of rain and snow through the weekend and early next week. Many details need to be worked out.

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