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Robert Kraft Gifted President Trump Patriots Super Bowl LI Ring

News of the ring finding a home 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was first leaked on social media by Anthony Scaramucci

President Donald Trump has made no secret about being a New England Patriots fan, now he has the hardware to cement the relationship — a Super Bowl ring.

Trump is the proud owner of a custom New England Patriots Super Bowl LI ring, courtesy of his longtime friend, team owner Robert Kraft.

Patriots’ Vice President of Media Relations Stacy James confirmed to NBC News that Kraft gave the president the commemorative ring following the Patriots White House visit in April.

At the time, Trump told the team he was so proud the Patriots were the first championship team to visit the White House during his presidency, he planned on displaying the custom #45 jersey he received in his presidential library one day. Kraft offered him a better exhibit: a personalized Super Bowl ring.

News of the ring finding a home 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was first leaked on social media by Anthony Scaramucci. In a direct message with a Twitter user who asked Scaramucci whether Trump could ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to give Kraft back his stolen 2005 Super Bowl ring, the former White House communications director replied that Kraft had given Trump the Super Bowl 51 ring.

James said the president "over-delivered" on his promise to make it a special trip for the team, giving them a private White House tour that included the Oval Office and the residence. Every team member got their photo with the president as well. 

The NFL covers the cost of 150 rings for the Super Bowl-winning team, which includes players, coaches, staff members and team executives. Additional rings and any extra costs for commemorative rings are accounted for by the team, according to league rules. Teams are allowed to customize their rings.

The Patriots' ring is encrusted with 283 diamonds, a nod to the 28-3 deficit the Patriots overcame to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history. It also features five marquise-cut diamonds representing the franchise's five Vince Lombardi trophies. Engraved inside the ring are the quotes "Greatest Comeback Ever" and "We Are All Patriots."

Though the value of the ring is unknown, what is clear is that if it exceed $350 in value, Trump won't be able to keep it. According to federal guidelines, personal gifts from a member of the American public that exceeds $350 in value "is considered accepted on behalf of and property of the United States, and in the case of such a gift for the President or the President's family, is handled by the National Archives and Records Administration."

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