Aunt Stole Donations from Nephew’s Funeral Fund: Ledyard Police

Ledyard Police Department

The aunt of a young boy who drowned in a Ledyard pool has been accused of stealing money from a GoFundMe account meant to help pay her nephew’s funeral expenses, according to Ledyard police.

Police said Bonni Ojeda set up a GoFundMe donation page after her husband’s four-year-old nephew drowned in a pool under the premise of using the money to pay for funeral expenses. Police allege that Ojeda removed $2,300 from the account without telling the boy’s family, then presented the family with the remaining $1,500.

Ojeda was arrested on Jan. 3 and charged with five counts of sixth-degree larceny. She was released on a $3,000 bond and expected in court on Jan. 19.

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