Autumn Yard Ideas: Simple Tips for Fall Cleanup and Spring Planning

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Cape Cod landscape design expert and HGTV Star Chris Lambton is your go-to guy when it comes to how to decorate your yard for fall AND when to prepare for a beautiful spring.

Lambton says if you want a yard full of budding flowers and big blooms in the springtime, you have to start NOW.

All spring-blooming bulbs such as tulips and hyacinths need a period of cold to bloom, which is why they need to be planted in fall even though you won't be able to enjoy them until the following spring. You also want to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Spring Bulbs

You don't need to wait to show off a beautiful space. Lambton says if you want to add some color and flare to your yard this fall, go ahead and combine perfectly plump orange pumpkins with gorgeous budding mums to create a festive feature for your front steps, walks, porches or yards.

Front porch plant decor

Watch Chris' segment on The Hub Today to see to all of his fall and spring yard ideas.

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