Bank Robbery Leads to Police Chase That Ends in Quiet Neighborhood

A bank robber got away with a bag of cash, but his luck ran out in a front yard in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

Police said 25-year-old Sean Manuel of Medford had just robbed the TD Bank on Main Street in nearby Reading before he ended up on Susan Devlin's lawn.

"My husband heard some commotion, heard some yelling, so he went to the front window," said Devlin. "He looked out. He saw a man running, another man chasing him. The other man chasing him drew a gun, yelled at him and told him to stop."

"Covered head to toe, ski mask on, glasses, walked up to the teller and demanded the money," Deputy Reading Police Chief David Clark said of the robbery. "The teller turned over the money, put it in a bag."

Manuel allegedly drove off from the bank after the robbery. Police were able to track him down and followed.

"They did lights and sirens. He initially pulled over, as the officers were approaching the car. He took off from there," said Clark.

A chase then led from Reading to Wilmington, with Manuel dumping the car when he ended up in a cul-de-sac, according to police.

He then ran through some woods, but he was quickly caught by Reading Police.

"Nuts, just nuts," said Kara Fitzpatrick, who saw the suspect on the ground in handcuffs. "I mean, totally crazy for this area, crazy for this street. Things like that don’t happen here. I know that's what people say, but they really don't. I mean, it's a cul-de-sac in Wilmington."

Neighbors who saw the commotion on their quiet, residential street say it's lucky nobody was outside when the suspect came running through.

"We were all out here yesterday. Beautiful day, working on our lawns," said Devlin. "What would we have done, what would that man have done?"

Police say the suspect had about $2,000 in cash when he escaped from the bank, but all of the money was recovered.

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