Authorities Warn New Hampshire Residents of Police Impersonator in Barrington

Police in Barrington, New Hampshire are warning residents after they say a man dressed up as an officer tried to gain access to someone's house.

Both police and residents are calling the Tuesday incident unsettling. Resident Joanne Moore said she can't believe there's a person creeping around her quiet Sawyer Lane neighborhood with bad intentions.

"My family is here, kids are here, and we don't have things like that that happen in Barrington," Moore said.

Police Chief Bob Williams said the suspect was wearing a Barrington Police shirt and had a taser on his hip when he approached a home around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday. He told the homeowner he was responding for a noise complaint.

"It was odd to the resident because he was the only one home and there was no noise," Williams said.

After a brief discussion with the homeowner, Williams said the man turned around and left. At that point, the homeowner, so confused by the visit, called police to get some answers. Turns out, there was never an actual police officer in the neighborhood at the time.

"What is their motive after that is anybody’s guess," Williams said.

He wants residents to know that his officers are usually in full uniform, will always have identification, and will most times be in marked police cruisers. In addition, the Barrington Police Department doesn't have any black Dodge Chargers like the one the suspect was driving.

"You know, it shakes everything you intend for your life and everything that you believe in," Moore said.

The suspect is described as a man in his late thirties with brown hair, about 5'8" tall and driving that black Dodge Charger with a spotlight. Anyone who sees him or his vehicle is urged to call police.

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