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Bear, Cub Spotted in Monrovia Neighborhood

Dozens of curious spectators showed up to watch a bear and her cub resting in a Monrovia neighborhood on Wednesday.

"They’re just strolling around the yard like they own the place," said a boy who looked on with a crowd that grew to about 75 people over the course of the day.

The duo was seen roaming a yard in the area of Ivy and Olive avenues (map) about 10 a.m. They snacked on avocados in a resident's yard before climbing up a tree when neighbors and Fish and Wildlife officials showed up.

"They’re pretty high up, but I’ve seen them come down," said Fish and Wildlife Warden J.C. Healy. "They ate a little, they drank a little and then they worked their way back up the tree."

The cub, which officials said appeared to be about a week old, and its mother eventually climbed down. Fish and Wildlife officials gave them their space so they could make their way 2 miles north back to the mountains under the cover of darkness.

Healy said they had no plans of tranquilizing the bears because the mother may still be nursing.

Police said it was unusual for bears to roam so far south from the mountains during the day.

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