Bear Spotted Hanging Out in Manchester, NH Backyard

It was an interesting Sunday in one Manchester, New Hampshire neighborhood, thanks to a bear who made himself right at home in Salah Flaih's backyard.

"When I looked up, there was a black bear in my head," Flaih said. "Who would ever think that?"

He shot cell phone video showing the bear in a tree in his backyard.

Area residents were surprised to see the bear, discovered Sunday afternoon after several dogs around started barking.

“I was like, is that a dog? And I looked, and I'm like, no, that's a bear,” Lisa Gibson recalled, saying she didn't feel scared at all.

"It was kind of neat," one man who lives nearby said. 

Officers from the New Hampshire Fish and Game department arrived and waited for the bear to eventually come down from the tree, out Flaih's backyard and then made a run for it.

"Ya know, I've lived in New Hampshire for 20 years, I've lived in Maine for 13 years, and I've never seen wildlife like that, like beyond a deer or a squirrel or whatever, but never a bear, and it's like really bizarre," Gibson said.

Wildlife officials were able to get the bear down without having to use a tranquilizer.

Residents say they’ll be watching out for the bear’s return.

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