Maine Woman Arrested After Threatening YouTube Video

A Belfast, Maine, woman is behind bars, charged with terrorizing, after she posted a video target practicing on YouTube. After she shoots, Laurie Allen starts naming Belfast officials as her "targets," including city councilors, the town manager and other Belfast employees.

"This has been going on for years, and it's been escalating for years," said Belfast Police Chief Michael McFadden. He said issues with Allen started about six years ago, when she accused city employees of lying about a stream running through her backyard. Since then, according to McFadden, Allen has become more paranoid and aggressive.

According to the arrest warrant, Allen had been confronting city officials in parking lots, even following one councilor around a grocery store, calling her corrupt and a murderer.

Allen has been known to protest the town in public places, drive around downtown with loud music playing, yelling obscenities at Belfast buildings. In one case, according to McFadden, she parked her truck outside the police department, blared loud music, and repeatedly banged on the chief's windows.

Allen has been banned from city hall and the police department due to her behavior. Several Belfast officials, along with Allen's neighbors, have taken out restraining orders against her. McFadden said she has violated those orders.

"It's concerning to me," said McFadden. "I wish we had more tools to address these types of situations."

Despite several people voicing concerns about Allen's mental health, the chief said "there's nothing about her that makes me think it's illegal for her to possess or own firearms."

The YouTube video posted Jan. 10 was the final straw. According to the police affidavit, several individuals contacted police "in extreme fear that Ms. Allen posed a significant threat to their lives."

A request to interview Allen at the jail went unanswered Tuesday. Allen is being held at Two Bridges Regional Jail on $25,000 bail. McFadden said her bail conditions include: no contact with the victims, a requirement to wear a monitoring bracelet, prohibition of alcohol and drugs and prohibition of possessing dangerous weapons.

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