Beloved Torrington Bowling Center to Close in May

A beloved Torrington bowling center is closing its doors.

Now the community is remembering decades of memories at Sky Top Lanes.

“It’s more than a sport. It’s for us to get together. We hang out. We have a bite to eat together,” says Art Osanitsch of Torrington.

The future of this classic center was posted on Facebook on Saturday. The managers wrote they “have made the toughest decision of our forty-nine years of operating the bowling center.”

They explained it was time to leave the business and had hoped someone would take it over.

But with no one stepping up, they sold the property to a developer and the lanes will go dark in about three months.

“I’m kind of disappointed. You know, thinking about all the people I get to see when I come here,” says John Manning of Torrington.

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The news prompted a flood of comments online.

One person wrote: “That was where I met my husband.” Another: “Torrington won’t be the same” And so many posted simply, “Thank you for a lifetime of memories.”

The managers returned the well-wishes to their legion of fans and say the friends they’ve made will truly be missed.

“They’ve put in their time. They’ve been here for 49, 50 years. They’re going to get to retire. So, I wish all the best to them,” says Osanitsch.

Right now the developer who purchased the property hasn’t said what they’re going to do with it.

The last day for Sky Top Lanes is May 3rd.

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