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Beth Lindstrom's Campaign for U.S. Senate

NBCBoston's Alison King sat down with U.S. Senate-hopeful Beth Lindstrom

You may not know who Beth Lindstrom is, but you know a lot of people she's worked for, including Governors Weld, Cellucci and Romney. The small business owner ran Scott Brown's shocking U.S. senate win in 2010 and now Lindstrom says she's ready to be the candidate.

Lindstrom is running for U.S. Senate and says she is not like most of the republicans in Washington. “I view myself as a commonsense republican. And an independent minded republican,” Lindstrom told reporters.

Lindstrom, a self-described moderate, says she would work across the aisle -- something she says she does not see from her democratic opponent, Elizabeth Warren. “I think before [Warren] was elected she said all she wanted to do was write books, teach and throw rocks. I think people are tired of the throwing of the rocks.”

Lindstrom says voters are growing weary of Warren's knee-jerk liberalism as well as Warren’s support for what Lindstrom calls a socialist single-payer health care plan. Lindstrom points out that Warren has been tapped by the democrats to make sure the President’s tax reform doesn't pass. “So before you even understand what it's about, and what the benefits may be for Massachusetts, she's already out of the gate saying ‘I'm going to be the one it's going to take it down,’” said Lindstrom.

One of Lindstrom's trickier problems will be figuring out how to show support for President Trump in a state where a majority of voters don't like him. “I do not work for the president. I work for the people of Massachusetts,” she said, “But I will agree with him when it's right for us here and I will disagree when it's not.”

Still, Boston University political science professor Tom Whalen says that Lindstrom is walking a tight rope.

“She's going to try to get one foot in the Trump camp but kind of 1 foot in the Baker campaign,” said Whalen, “but whether she can pull that off and pull the various party factions together…remains to be seen.”

Lindstrom faces two republican challengers who are strong Trump supporters, state representative Geoff Diehl and businessman Shiva Ayyadurai. And there is another moderate republican soon to jump in -- Winchester businessman John Kingston.

A source close to the Lindstrom campaign said that Kingston arranged a meeting with Lindstrom last month to strongly urge her to get out of the race. He reportedly said he would help support her financially if she chose to run for the Niki Tsongas congressional seat or against Senator Ed Markey in 2020, which some have suggested could run afoul of state law.

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