Big Papi Goes Undercover as Lyft Driver

How surprised would you be if your Lyft driver turned out to be one of the greatest Red Sox players of all time?

David Ortiz went undercover as a driver with the rideshare company, introducing himself to Boston passengers as "Donnie" and sporting a wig and sunglasses.

"Who's your favorite Boston athlete?" he asked one unsuspecting woman.

"Papi, that everybody likes?" she replied. "I think I'm supposed to like him."

He asked another woman if she was superstitious.

"I do the same thing for every drive," he said, spitting in his hands and rubbing them together.

Big Papi had some fun with his fares before revealing his true identity to them — and taking some selfies.

"Here's the problem," he quipped. "The guys from Boston, they know my smile."

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