First Taste of Winter: Blast of Cold, Snow Arrives

Strong Winds Bring in Wintry Chill

In just a few hours time mild conditions were replaced by a wintry chill across New England.

Colder air is blowing in on a gusty westerly wind on Sunday. Temperatures will fall through the 40s, and even 30s, during the day as the new air mass arrives. At some times that wind will gust as high as 50 MPH, resulting in isolated power outages. That will be especially true in Western and Northern New England where heavy snow also falls.

That snow will be steadiest from Northwest Connecticut into Western Massachusetts, and into the Greens and Whites in Vermont and New Hampshire respectively.

Upslope snows will continue in many of those areas right into Monday, with a few lighter snow showers even persisting into Tuesday.

The highest peaks in those areas will come away with 12” or more, with a widespread 4-8” as a general rule.

Meanwhile, nearer the coast, some partial sunshine will develop over the next few days. It will be ineffective though, with the chilly breeze making it feel even colder than the actual air temperatures.

Sunshine will be fairly widespread on Wednesday, perfectly timed for pre-holiday travel.

At the end of the week a few more rain and snow showers will arrive, including for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Right now that looks to be more of a nuisance than anything else, but we’ll keep watching it.

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