Block Watch Report Leads to Arrests in New Haven

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New Haven Police Department

Three men were arrested on gun and drug charges after a local block watch reported suspicious activity to police in New Haven.

New Haven police said they responded to the area of Castle Street and Monroe Street around 5 p.m. Sunday for a report of men doing drugs in a car. When they arrived they found three suspects, identified as Daniel Foley, 27, of Daniel A. Nazario, 28, of Wallingford, and Daniel E. Nazario, 58, of North Haven.

According to police, when they asked Foley what the men were doing he told them they were waiting for a mechanic, but he could not give them the mechanic’s name.

Police said Foley allowed officers to search the vehicle where they found a syringe and some baggies with drug residue on them. Daniel A. Nazario also had a spoon and syringe on him, police said. Police also found a gun on Daniel E. Nazario’s person. Police said he did not have a permit for the weapon.

All three men were arrested. Daniel E. Nazario was charged with carrying a pistol without a permit and weapon in a motor vehicle. Daniel A. Nazario and Daniel Foley were charged with drug paraphernalia possession. The gun, syringes, spoon and what was left of the drugs were confiscated, police said.

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