Bobcat That Attacked 3 People in Colchester Tests Positive for Rabies

Colchester bobcat 1200
Colchester Fire Department

The bobcat that attacked three women at a Connecticut farm run by a social service organization in Colchester this week tested positive for rabies, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said. 

"The presence of rabies among wild animals is at typical, low levels at this time," DEEP said in a statement released on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Colchester fire officials said a bobcat bit one person and scratched two others in the greenhouse on the property of the Caring Community, a residential and day program on Waterhole Road in Colchester.

The bobcat jumped on one women and scratched the other two when they came to her aid.

The bobcat was gone from the greenhouse by the time police arrived and went into the woods, but the bobcat charged at the officer instead of running away. 

All women are clients of the Caring Community and were brought to the Marlborough Medical Center, according to officials from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. 

They were all expected to be OK.

The bobcat was shot and killed at the scene.

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