Boston and Philly Police Engage in Epic Twitter War

It started off as a lighthearted nudge. Then things got serious.

Now, Boston police and Philadelphia police are engaged in a Twitter war as their hometown teams prepare to do battle in Sunday's Super Bowl.

Boston police got things started on Friday, tweeting out a picture of an eagle wood carving at Boston City Hall wearing a New England Patriots hat and scarf. Philly police immediately demanded the eagle's release, and that's when the digs started flying.

"We tried but he had nowhere to land...light poles too greasy," BPD quipped, a reference to the Crisco Philadelphia police used on the city's light poles two weeks ago to keep fans from climbing them after the NFC title game victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

Philly responded by giving Boston a hard time about the fact that the Patriots don't even play their games in the city, but 30 miles away in Foxboro.

The two sides then got into a geography dispute, before Boston dropped the hammer.

Fortunately, there don't appear to be any hard feelings between the two departments.

"Much respect to the @PhillyPolice," Boston police later tweeted. "No matter Sunday's #SLII outcome, we're all on the same team. #StaySafe out there!"

"You got that right!" Philadelphia police responded. "We are huge fans of our Blue Family in Boston! Stay safe up there as well :)"

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