Boston City Council Votes to Increase Fines for Parking Violations


Get ready to pay more for parking violations in Boston.

According to the Boston Herald, the Boston City Council approved measures to increase fines for double parking, meter violations and resident parking violations.

The plan, originally proposed by Mayor Marty Walsh, was approved by a 12-1 margin; councilor Josh Zakim was the lone dissenting vote.

Under the new plan, parking meter violations will increase from $25 to $40. Resident parking violations will increase from $40 to $60 and "no parking" tickets will increase from $55 to $90. Double parking in the downtown area will result in a $55 fine -- up from $45 -- and double parking in other regions of the city will result in a $35 fine, up from $30.

Street sweeping violations, while no longer a towable offense, will see an increase from a $40 fine to a $90 fine.

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