Workout Gear You Can Rent Now Available in Boston

Imagine a combination of "Rent the Runway" for the treadmill and "Uber" for personal trainers being an amenity the next time you check into a hotel.

Sounds like a movie pitch, but it’s a real service being offered by Massachusetts-based Reebok, a fitness app called Handstand at The W Hotel in Boston.

"People like to pack light these days, and convenience is especially important when they’re traveling," said W Hotel General Manager Gurki Singh. "Athletic sneakers take up far too much space in a carry-on suitcase, and if you’re working out hard, you may be taking sweaty workout clothes back with you."

"At Reebok, our mission is to help people become the best version of themselves: physically, mentally, and socially. We understand that wellness travel is becoming a bigger focus in the lives of our consumers," added Jenny Collins, a spokesperson for Reebok.

The service is a combination of advertising and product testing for Reebok.

"We provide a head to toe assortment. Tops, bras, shorts, leggings, capris, running shorts, socks, and sneakers," said Collins, "Part of the program is to diversify the products, so guests can see different offerings, try out new materials, new silhouettes, as well as our most innovative products. Guests then have the option of then buying the gear on"

"Our guests are very active and balance is important to them," added Singh. "We wanted to provide them with everything they could need to maintain and even elevate their fitness routine."

Handstand allows people to browse and select personal trainers, gyms and on demand workout plans from their smart phone.

"The company's mission is to help people at any time and place with establishing their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self through fitness," said founder Tiffany Orli Hakimianpour. "The app's personality matching algorithm almost gives clients a 'fitness prescription' and local recommendation upon signup so they know that it's not trend-based, but right for them as a unique individual."

For W Hotel, the partnership they call "Fuel Your Workout" is a way to add another amenity to entice customers in the highly competitive luxury hotel market. Guests that call in advance can have workout gear in their size delivered to their room within 30 minutes of check in.

"Now we have fitness classes 7 days a week in our Studio spaces," said Singh. "Guests can hire their own trainer via the Handstand app at an exclusive discount."

"W guests always get whatever whenever — and the same goes for their fitness," added Hakimianpour. "To be partnering with W and Reebok is also a huge help in growing our audience, expanding our reach, and adding offerings to our consumers who travel often with Handstand. We're also picking new members up as our audiences align, too. It's a natural fit for all of us."

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