Police Warning New England Patriots Fans About Counterfeit Super Bowl Tickets

Police are warning New England Patriots fans trying to get tickets to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis to be wary of counterfeit tickets.

With tickets going for thousands of dollars, Boston police said it will be likely that they'll be duplicated by online scammers.

"Whenever there's a high-priced ticket out there, there's always someone trying to make a buck," John Higgins at Higs Tickets said.

Authorities said each official ticket comes with a barcode, a hologram on the front and a heat-sensitive ink on the back that will rub off when you touch it, only to reappear seconds later.

Foxborough police said about 30 customers had fake tickets for the AFC title game on Sunday, which is why departments across the state are warning fans to be cautious and to avoid third-party sellers online.

"Stay away from Craigslist, Reddit," Officer Rachel McGuire, a spokesperson for Boston police, said. "We kind of go by the old adage, 'if the deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is.'"

Officials said that if you do go through Craigslist or some other third party route, they advise to pay with a credit card to provide some protection and possibility for reimbursement.

The Patriots will face the Philadelphia Eagles for the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, Feb. 4 at US Bank Stadium.

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