NECN INVESTIGATES: Boston Police Officer on Administrative Leave

Police say she was off-duty and was attending a memorial service

A Boston Police officer is on leave after an incident outside a memorial service for her nephew, a victim during a rash of violence in the city.

Gunshots ripped through the air during the memorial service for 20-year-old Angel Oller in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood last week.

"We was running, trying to get out of the way," said Darnell Ricks.

Ricks was across Martin Luther King Boulevard when he and other witnesses — some too scared to show their faces on camera - say they heard dozens of gun shots that sent mourners and residents near the Melnea Cass Recreational complex running.

"Running for cover, laying down, hunched behind cars," said a witness. "Just trying to get out of the way."

Oller was the nephew of Boston Police Officer Ydritzabel Oller. The nearly 10-year veteran was at the memorial service, off-duty. But now, she is also, for the time being, off the job.

Boston Police say Oller is on paid administrative leave as internal affairs investigates her actions during the Aug. 17 shooting.

A source close to the investigation tells necn Boston Police are looking at video from that afternoon where Officer Oller can be seen taking an object from someone possibly connected to the incident.

The source says Oller did not report whatever she may have done or what object she may have taken to her colleagues at Boston Police.

"They was having a confrontation with the other people — the kids that got killed," said Ricks.

Police have said the shooting earlier this month that killed Angel Oller and another man was gang-related, but would not say if Oller was targeted.

They are also not releasing any information on potential suspects in last week's shooting at the memorial service. They do confirm Ydritzabel Oller was in plain clothes and did not fire a weapon that day.

"She had family involved and we’re looking into what role she played because we have strict rules when you have intimate members of your family involved," said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans in a statement.

Police do not have any suspects in custody in either shooting.

Ydritzabel Oller's record is clean. Boston Police say she does not have any other incidents or complaints against her. In fact, she was commended earlier this year for what police called her "keen observations" in a homicide investigation.

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