Boston Students Surprised With Tickets to See New ‘Black Panther' Movie

Students throughout the Boston Public School System are being surprised with tickets to see the new 'Black Panther' movie.

It's part of a national campaign called the Black Panther Challenge.

It was started in Boston by Liz Miranda, the executive director of the Hawthorne Youth and Community Center.

She was inspired by Frederick Joseph, a New York City philanthropist who started the challenge.

"This gentleman raised $44,000 to send kids from the Harlem Boys and Girls Club to see 'Black Panther,'" said Miranda.

The 'Black Panther' movie features a predominately black cast set to launch in theaters nationwide Friday.

On Wednesday, students at New Mission High School were surprised with free tickets and snacks to watch the movie in theaters.

Students say they're excited to see black actors portrayed in superhero roles.

"You can't see people represent you or your community in movies so when you go into the movies and you see those black people or people from your community inside the movie it makes you feel better about yourself," said seventh grader Tonianglique Golston.

"We set up the GoFundMe link we are now at about $20,000," said Miranda Wednesday afternoon but by the evening she collected $25,000. 

The money will be used to send 1,000 students and 100 elderly community members to the theaters.

If you wish to donate, you can go to the GoFundMe page.

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