‘Sweet Cupcakes’ Honors Bill Belichick With Hoodie- Themed Cupcake

The Boston-based shop designed hoodie cupcakes

Boston-based cupcake shop "Sweet Cupcakes" honored Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick with themed cupcakes.

The cupcakes come in all flavors, complete with a topping that is in the shape of the coach's signature hoodie sweatshirt.

Lexa Keenan, the main decorator and baker for Sweet Cupcakes, is the magic behind the hoodies.

"The hoodies is a good one for us to do because no other team has something that would be as recognizable as that because Bill Belichick always wears the hoodie," Lexa says.

Each hoodie is made from fondant.

The circle at the bottom is rolled out and placed on top of a mound of frosting covered in more fondant.

Next, Lexa cuts a rectangle and wraps a little foil ball, similar to a head, inside the rectangle so the hood can take its shape.

The hoodie is placed on top of the circle and the Patriots logo is painted on with frosting.

Patriots-themed cupcakes are usually sold during football season but can be ordered year-round.

Lexa added, "they start out being fairly popular...especially towards the end of the season so this weekend they'll be very popular."

Fans interested in picking up a Patriots cupcake can visit any of the 5 shops located in Back Bay, Downtown Boston, Beacon Hill, Harvard Square, or Chestnut Hill.

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