Brady Happy to Be Back in Calif.

The Patriots, who have been in Calif. all week, face the Chargers on Sunday.

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Like many of his teammates, Tom Brady is happy to spend the week in California as the Patriots prepare to face San Diego. Of course, Brady grew up in Northern California, so this isn't completely new to him.

"We've had a good couple days and got off to a good start," Brady said, via "It's still kind of early in the preparation. Now it starts to feel like California weather, as opposed to yesterday (when it rained). Hopefully we'll have another good day of practice. Guys have a lot of time to kind of be together and spend a lot of time that we don't typically get to spend so that's been a real plus."

Brady was also asked about his competitiveness, which was on full display for television cameras last Sunday when, late in the game against the Packers and clearly frustrated, he could be seen shouting obscenities on the sidelines.

"I always say it's really a game of emotion," he explained. "You have to be at your best when the game is on the line. I think that our guys have always figured out a way to do that, especially at this time of year. December is when football season is, this is what it's all about. Regardless of what you've done to this point, everybody's season is decided at this point in the year. This is when you've got to be at your best. We got off to a really slow start last weekend; hopefully we can rebound this weekend and play much better."

A win in San Diego will get the Pats one game closer to a first-round playoff bye, and possibly homefield advantage. But the Chargers (8-4) are coming off a huge win in Baltimore, and a loss would muddle an otherwise clear playoff picture for them.

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