Brady: “I Have a Lot of Respect” for Ryan

Tom Brady knows he'll have to earn everything he gets against a Rex Ryan defense


The Jets might be 1-5 and close to laughingstock territory with how poorly they've played this season, but records mean nothing to Tom Brady when it comes to facing a Rex Ryan defense.

“He tests every part of your game,” Brady said of the Jets coach, via “I do have a lot of respect for that from a coaching standpoint that he challenges you. And then when he feels like he’s got you on something, he sticks with it. We’ve had our fair share of good games, he’s had his fair share of good games. It makes for a great matchup.

“There’s a ton of information, especially this team. They have every blitz in the book, every coverage and scheme and front, so you just have to try the best you can to prepare for it as much as you can, and you have to balance your rest with your preparation.

“This defense tests a lot of things. They really put a lot of pressure on you in a lot of ways with the front, coverages, scheme, they kind of do it all. There’s a lot to prepare for and to do it in three days is a lot. They are dealing with the same stuff, and we’ve had a good couple of days. We need a couple more good days and then let it rip on Thursday night.”

Ryan, meanwhile, was asked on a conference call if he would consider just sending the house on every down and blitzing Brady silly, given all the issues along the Pats' offensive line. The response was, well, typical Ryan.

“You sound like my mom now," he said. "Everybody thought, ‘Oh my gosh, Buddy Ryan, what kind of blitzer he’d be,’ but my mom would be worse. The league is probably happy that she wasn’ t a coordinator. Yeah, I don’ t know if that’s the most sound thing.”

But Brady has struggled with pressure this season, and that's largely a function of an inconsistent offensive line and what appeared to be a lack of confidence in his pass catchers not named Edelman or Gronkowski. But the Pats' offense has looked much better in recent weeks, a development not lost on Ryan.

“I just know we are going to do everything in our power to get a win," Ryan said. "Obviously, it’s a lot easier said than done, especially traveling up to New England. We know we’re going to get their best shot, and they know that we’ re going to give them our best shot.”

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