Woman Kidnapped in Bridgeport Found in Wallingford

Police said a man and a dog were shot.

A man and a dog were shot in Bridgeport and a woman was kidnapped early Monday morning. The woman was later located in Wallingford and police are trying to determine exactly what happened.

Police responded to Federal Street in Bridgeport around 1 a.m. after receiving reports of gunshots and found the male victim and the dog, Stogie.

Police then learned that two or three males apparently kidnapped the girlfriend of the shooting victim.

The woman and the unidentified males drove up Route 8, got onto Interstate 84 and got off the highway in Waterbury.

The woman told police the last thing she remembered seeing before they got off the highway was the large cross at Holy Land USA in Waterbury.

At some point, the males bailed out of the car.

Wallingford police said she was left in the car and was driving around, unable to explain to police her whereabouts, so police told her to find a landmark.

The woman and the car she was taken in were then found at the First Connecticut Credit Union at 159 S Turnpike Road, according to Wallingford Police.

Bridgeport officials said the men let the woman out of the car in Wallingford, then she called 911.

The woman is working with both police departments to help them piece together what happened.

The dog, Stogie, had no connection to the man who was shot and the woman who was kidnapped, according to the dog's owner. 

She said the initial shooting happened down the street, then someone ran over to her driveway and shot Stogie.

Stogie went through surgery but has died.

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