Brockton, Mass. 5th Grade Teacher Accused of Assaulting Students

A fifth grade teacher in Brockton, Massachusetts, has been accused of assaulting students in her class.

Gregg Natale says a reading teacher at Brookfield Elementary School assaulted his 10-Year-old son in class back in mid-September.

"I want criminal charges filed against her," he said. "The teacher went over and told him to move. As he was getting up to move ... he wasn't moving fast enough and she gave him a shove, which made him lose balance and hit the desk," Natale said.

Fortunately, Natale says his son wasn't injured.

"He was shaken. He said, 'Dad, I didn't know what to do,'" Natale recalled.

The father says he knew exactly what to do.

"I said, 'she's not going anywhere near my son,'" he explained. "So our next option was to move him to a different school."

His son started at his new school last week.

But it doesn't end there. Just last Friday, the teacher was accused of shoving and shaking another 10-year-old boy in her class.

Brockton Public School Superintendent Kathleen Smith sent NBC Boston a statement regarding this most recent alleged incident.

"It is never acceptable to be physically aggressive in any way with students and we are investigating allegations that have been made at the Brookfield School," the statement read. "Because of confidentiality laws pertaining to students and employees, we can't discuss specifics. The matter is under investigation."

Natale says the teacher was put on leave for 10 days after his son's incident. He says school officials told him they've already filed a report with DCF. Natale plans to file a police report Tuesday.

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