Broken Tabulator Machine Causes Issues for Some Voters in Hartford

Some voters in Hartford are having trouble getting their vote in because of a broken machine.

The moderator at the E. B. Kenelly School said the vote tabulator machine never worked this morning and he's been waiting for a fix for hours.

Since the machine is not scanning ballots, voters are pushing their auxiliary votes into the bin to be counted later. Turnout at the school has been so strong, the moderator has had to open the bin up and manually push ballots down to make room for more.

Some cities and towns keep backup tabulator machines on site at polling places, but Hartford does not so it takes time for workers to get a replacement.

One of the Registrars at City Hall said all of the tabulator machines were serviced before the primaries. She also said poll workers will remove and secure those ballots that are filling up in the bin if it becomes too full. Every vote will be counted by machine or by hand, if need be, she added.

If you experience a problem at the polls, you can call NBC Connecticut Investigates at 855-NBC-CT30.

Or you could call the state's Election Day hotline at 1-866-733-2463 or email elections@ct.gov.

You can also tell us about the issue here. 

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