Bronze Crest Stolen From Colt Park in Coltsville Found Broken

colt plaque broken
Colt Heritage Center

A bronze crest that was pried off the Samuel Colt monument and stolen from a national park in the Coltsville part of Hartford was found late Wednesday at a metal recycler, but it was broken.

The city discovered on Sunday that the plaque was missing from the Colt coat-of-arms statue at the entrance of Colt Park off Wethersfield Avenue.

The crest was broken into pieces by mistake by a recycler and not by the person or people who stole it, James L. Griffin, director of the Sam and Elizabeth Colt Industrial and Frontier Heritage Center in Hartford, said.

The heritage center plans to fix the crest and said it will be as good as new.

The theft has been reported to the Hartford Police and Griffin said police do identified a suspect, but he is not sure if police have taken any action.

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