Burst Pipe at Condo Complex Forces About 100 Tenants Out of Homes

A burst pipe at an apartment building in Billerica, Massachusetts, has forced more than 100 residents out of their homes with few answers.

The town temporarily condemned the building on Wednesday after a 4-inch pipe burst in the attic of Building 1 at The Commons on Boston Road. It houses roughly 60 units.

Firefighters said water poured from the third floor to the basement for roughly 10 minutes before they were able to shut off the water supply.

"I can't estimate the amount of gallons, but it was a copious amount of water," Deputy Billerica Fire Chief Tom Ferraro said. "There was damage to the ceiling. It actually started to collapse before we left."

The cause is under investigation, but the building was evacuated and residents said from what they have seen, the damage is significant.

"The bed got soaked. The bathroom got soaked. I mean, you name it, everything in that place was basically drenched," resident Matt Vieira said.

Some families said they are frustrated with the property management company's response.

"I have two kids, and now I'm homeless," one resident said. "We have nowhere to go. They're not paying for a hotel for us, and we haven't heard anything about when we'll be able to go back in."

NBC10 Boston asked representatives from the management company for answers Thursday. An employee had little to say, other than that they did not know much about the situation yet and they would communicate with residents once they did.

Town officials said the company can apply for a re-occupancy permit once repairs are complete, but there was no timeline for when that would be as of Thursday evening.

As residents reach out to their own insurance companies and wait for a timeline, town officials are organizing support. Those in need of assistance are asked to contact Darlene Torre at

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