“Flipped” Star Callan McAuliffe Could Actually Be an Alien

Aussie breakthrough Callan McAuliffe might wear his heart on his sleeve as the lead in Rob Reiner's "Flipped," but it's unclear if he'll even have a human heart in "I Am Number Four."

McAuliffe has just wrapped the highly anticipated Stephen Spielberg/Michael Bay feature which is directed by D.J. Caruso, but he's still not saying whether he's an actual teen or an alien pretending to be a teen in the movie.

"I'm not going to tell you," he says to PopcornBiz frequent inquiries. "The whole plan is the aliens are trying to blend in."

So there is an attempt to keep the actual alien identities secret during the run up to the film's autumn release.  The action story centers around a group of aliens who escape from their mortal alien enemies only to find out they are being hunted down on Earth.

Callan says he is in a very different world from "Flipped," where he happily planted a tree and talked about his feelings.

"There will be no planting of trees in this next film," he laughs. "And I definitely get the chance to kick some ass." Look out bad aliens.

But for public safety, we insisted that McAuliffe tell us at least a few signs that some neighborhood teen is actually a neighborhood teen and not an alien. How should we know?

"If they can jump really high or if they have superhuman strength, then you're probably not dealing with a teenager," he says. "It's probably an alien or an experiment of some sort."

That said, he confesses that he doesn't believe there are actual aliens pretending to be teens on earth. But what about the Jonas brothers? There can be no other explanation!

"Oh right, they are definitely aliens," McAuliffe finally cracks. "They've been sent down to Earth to steal all of Earth's women."

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