Speed Limit Dropping to 20 MPH on Most Cambridge Streets

City officials say a 20 mph speed limit will begin in mid-November and apply to mostly "local-access streets"

Getty Images/iStockphoto

In an effort to reduce deadly crashes, the speed limit is dropping to 20 mph on most city-owned streets in Cambridge, Massachusetts, city officials announced Monday.

The city said that the new 20 mph speed limit will begin in mid-November and apply to mostly "local-access streets." Large, arterial roads will still have a 25 mph speed limit unless signs say otherwise.

The change is part of Cambridge's Vision Zero strategy and aims to eliminate crashes "that result in serious or fatal injuries."

"We've heard concerns about speeding from people throughout the Cambridge community," said Joseph Barr, director of the Cambridge Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department. "Reducing the speed limit is an important step towards addressing those concerns. This change will also inform the way that we design our streets and help support our ongoing traffic calming efforts."

As part of the implementation, 660 "Safety Zone" signs will be installed throughout the city beginning in mid-November and continue until February.

A map of streets that will implement the 20 mph speed limit can be found on the city's website.

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