High Pressure Pushing Offshore, Thunderstorm Chance Increases

The high-pressure system from Canada that brought us a nice, refreshing air mass over the weekend has pushed offshore. Now, the flow returns from the south with warmth and humidity building.

Many locations warmed to 90 degrees or better Monday, and will do so again Tuesday. You can't count on it for Wednesday.

To our south, we're tracking tropical cyclone Chris east of North Carolina, and to our north there's a powerful cyclone over Hudson Bay, Canada.

It is the system in Canada that will take charge, pushing a front into New England with spotty thunderstorms Tuesday.

That front will likely keep Chris well out to sea to our east.

Temperatures start near 70 degrees early Tuesday and will rise steadily along with more humid air.

Sunshine will be apparent most of the day, mixing with clouds and wind picking up with a chance of a spot thunderstorm north by early afternoon and south later in the day.

Very isolated, damaging thunderstorms are possible, but many of us will not get any rain at all.

High temperatures will be in the low 90s, cooler along the south coast, with wind from the southwest gusting past 25 mph.

The front responsible for spot storms makes it to about the south coast, where it stalls and begins to dissipate.

That may leave lingering clouds around Cape Cod tomorrow, but otherwise sunshine returns with a high temperature in the 70s to low 80s and less humid air.

At that time we likely see Chris passing well to our east, perhaps with a good ground swell for surfers.

High pressure from Canada will start to return warmer air to New England as it passes to our east later on Thursday and a Friday, with mostly sunny skies and highs in the 80s as we head into the weekend.

Another weak front from Canada may get into the region Saturday and Sunday with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Otherwise, it looks warm and mostly rain-free into early next week.

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