Cape Codders Vindicated by Confirmation of 3rd Tornado Touchdown

One week after tornadoes tore through Cape Cod, the clean-up continues — but some residents felt vindicated with the confirmation of a third tornado path right through their yards.

"They said it was like a minute and then it was all over," said Frances Burke of Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

"There's no way to explain, number one, the devastation, but how it hopped around," added Yarmouth resident Debbie Cebula.

NBC10 Boston Chief Meteorologist Matt Noyes toured the area. The National Weather Service relied on video he took, combined with radar data, and confirmed the third tornado.

Beyond the residential damage, businesses like Cranberry Valley Golf Course in Harwich have been hit hard.

"We had about 200 trees either knocked down or split in half, we've been closed since last Tuesday, so a week right now," said Dick Fagan, the Head Professional at Cranberry Valley Golf Course.

Even restaurants that weren't damaged, but stayed open with a generator, such as Keltic Kitchen in Yarmouth, have been impacted by the post-tornado tourism slow down.

"I think people seem to be a little hesitant whether to visit," said Keltic Kitchen manager Amy Dempsey.

Gov. Charlie Baker has stepped in with a $1 million emergency loan fund to help businesses, as well as a $100,000 marketing campaign to let tourists know the Cape is open for business.

"I think it's super helpful to all of us locals and the businesses that we're getting that attention and that we are still here and still open and it's right in the peak season, where we have such a small window year-round that I think it's very helpful," Dempsey said.

Cranberry Valley Golf Course is planning to open up for nine holes on Thursday and reopen the entire course Saturday.

But they typically do 300-350 rounds a golf a day, so the economic impact is profound.

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