New Hampshire

Car Break-Ins Caught on Camera in Danville, New Hampshire

Two men were caught on video going through cars in Danville, New Hampshire on Friday. These cars were not locked.

Police say several people in the Colby Pond Development reported break-ins.

Residents on G.H. Carter Drive captured video of two men wearing knit hats and dark colored sweatshirts, one which clearly shows a New England Patriots logo. Both men can be seen wearing blue latex gloves on their left hands. 

All reported thefts so far involve loose change.

Additionally, a similar report was received from a residence on Long Pond Road.

If you recognize these men, you're being asked to call the Danville Police Department at 603-382-9403 or the Rockingham County Sheriff's Department at 603-679-2225.

Police are reminding you to keep your vehicles locked at all times.

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