Car Stolen From Windsor World War II Vet Has Been Found

A World War II veteran who would read the Bible to his wife's grave was thrilled when his stolen car was located. 

Paul Cassarino served in WWII with the 447th Bomb Group of the 8th Army Air Corps when he was 22-years-old.

Two weeks ago, the Windsor man was getting ready to visit the grave where his wife of 69 years is buried and read passages from their Bible, but his car was gone.

Someone went into his open garage on Farmstead Lane in Windsor, found a set of spare keys on a hook and took his car along with everything inside it, including his walker.

"That car means everything to me," Cassarino said.

After Cassarino's 2001 Mercury Sable was stolen, his son drove him around, but he was not able to go to the cemetery as often he would go on his own.

After the story got out about Cassarino's stolen car, viewers decided they wanted to help the bereaved man.

Cassarino told NBC Connecticut that one woman had ordered three different Bibles for him online hoping one would make a sufficient replacement. 

Others offered Cassarino food, money and a new walker. One person even offered to buy the man a car, he said.

On Sunday night, a witnesses called Hartford Police when they noticed a 2001 Mercury Sable parked on Ashford Street in Hartford for about a week.

"I was elated," Cassarino said. "I opened the doors and looked inside and found the bibles, found the umbrella I had in there. I found my walker."

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