Caretaker Accused of Assaulting Disabled Client

Middletown Police

A caretaker for an organization that provides services to people with disabilities is accused of assaulting a client.

Middletown police arrested 50-year-old Danielle Zoldak, of Colchester, after staff from the Walgreens on East Main Street called authorities Friday to report an assault on a person who might be disabled.

When police responded to Walgreens, they found a man on the floor who was taking candy bars from the shelves and eating them and a woman standing nearby, police said.

Zoldak told police she worked at New Beginnings for Life in Colchester and was a caretaker for the victim, according to the arraignment report. When the man grabbed more candy bars from the shelves, Zoldak slapped his hand, according to police.

Police tried to talk to the man, but couldn’t get a response.

When police reviewed surveillance, they saw Zoldak kicking and pushing the victim, pulling his hair, placing his head under her arm and shoving him to the ground, according to police.

Employees told officers they pleaded with Zoldak to stop hurting the man and to leave him alone. They also said Zoldak told the man he was going to make her lose her job.

The director of New Beginnings for Life said Zoldak's employment has been terminated and there is an internal investigation. 

The victim was taken to Middlesex Hospital until New Beginnings for Life could provide care for him.

After police took Zoldak into custody, officers found marijuana in her purse and she said it was for personal use, according to police.

She has been charged with third-degree assault of an intellectually disabled person, possession of less than half an ounce of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and second-degree breach of peace.

She was released on $25,000 bond and is due in court on July 7. It's not clear if she has an attorney.

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